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FAQ at user level

www.connectingmalayali.com, one and only home page specifically designed and developed for malayali community.

What about www.connectingmalayali.com?

It would be the largest ever IT project in Kerala which provides online information/entertainment/services to malayali community through the single widow portal www.connectingmalayali.com. This project is powered by SOLSOLIS IT SOLUTIONS and team SS is confident enough that it would be an integral part of malayali community in their day to day life. User can set www.connectingmalayali.com as their homepage by which they will get direct links to various informations/entertainment and services they are looking for.

How CM differ from other portals and useful for malayali?

  1. This would be the first single window PORTAL for malayali community which fulfill the requirement of malayali community in three areas INFORMATION, ENTERTAINMENT and SERVICES
  2. By setting www.connectingmalayali.com as your home page you will get systematic information and useful links which are available FREE to any online user
  3. In addition, a registered user can also upload/download ARTICLE/IMAGE/LINKS in their own name. The registration at user level is absolutely FREE.
  4. CM provides 2000 + popular articles and more than 4000+ useful links to malayali community

How user can collect information/use the service of www.connectingmalayali.com?

www.connectingmalayali.com home page provides selected major links in four major categories INFORMATION /ENTERTAINMENT /SERVICES/ USEFULTOOLS offered by www.connectingmalayali.com.

In addition, popular informative articles on various subjects are available in www.connectingmalayali.com/articles where you can search for your required topic by using key words (for eg. Engineering colleges of Kerala). Through www.connectingmalayali.com/usefulLinks you can directly access information/entertainment/services from more than 4000 online sources.

How user can contribute to the site?


You can increase the content of the portal by uploading  ARTICLE /NEWS /IMAGE /VIDEO etc. This can be simply done by using LOGIN at user level  after FREE REGISTRATION. After login you can submit new article to any session of the www.connectingmalayali.com/article by simply CLICK on that session for eg. By clicking EDUCATION a list of recently added articles on this session will appear, below that there will be an option for POST NEW ARTICLE just click and provide your article with title, keywords, content, image etc. The article posted by you will appear in your own name and you will be responsible for the content of the article, which should be binding to the existing laws of the country.

You can upload image/video/audio by just login with your user name and password and simply clicking upload at top right corner of the window.


If you found the site is useful, don’t hesitate to spread this site to your friends, relatives and co-workers through direct contact/email/facebook/twitter etc. You can take/suggest registration in CM for your friends/relatives/contacts by simply providing your email ID as ‘REFRENCE EMAI ID’ in the user registration form. Any new user with REFERENCE EMAIL ID as yours will be counted as REGISTERED USER refered by you. We will encourage a registered user with surprise GIFT who support us with highest number of new users under him which will be counted based on number of new users who used your mail ID as ‘REFERENCE MAIL ID’. So make sure you are introducing this site to maximum number of persons and they are registering in CM by providing your email ID as REFERENCE EMAI ID while they fill up the registration form


When you like a content/article/imge gallery/link in the portal you can comment in the bottom and suggest that link to your friends/relatives/coworkers through social networking sites


You can actively involve in CM Discussion Forum and also participate in CM Contest to win fabulous Prizes

E. YOU CAN WORK AS Business Promoter

You can work part-time as Business Promoter of CM and can earn on commission basis for the work you have done. For more details contact solsoliskerala@gmail.com, helpline 9288333888

Is there any terms and conditions for users?

Definitely there is clear terms and conditions applicable to all users of www.connectingmalayali.com. Please refer our TERMS and CONDITIONS link in the footer for more details. When you use our site you are binding to all terms and conditions of www.connectingmalayali.com / SOL SOLIS IT SOLUTIONS

How user can avail paid services of CM?

User can avail paid services of connecting malaylai such as JOB/EMPLOYER/MATRIMONY/BUSINESS DIRECTORY/CLASSIFIED Registration either through the nearest CM CENTRE, or through online when CM CENTRE is not available. For more details contact solsoliskerala@gmail.com, helpline 9288333888.

What would  be the mode of payment?

Any payment towards SOL SOLIS IT SOLUTIONS must be made at your own risk, after personally verifying to our email solsoliskerala@gmail.com that the collecting person/agency is responsible by all means. Generally at user level SOL SOLIS IT SOLUTIONS accept payment only for online PAID SERVICES as REGISTRATION FEE, which normally range Rs.150-1500. We only provide a common online platform for your mutual negotiation for our online paid services at user level for which we charge a nominal registration fee, which does not guarantee results at any level. In paid services, your payment of registration fee only assures you the online registration for that particular service which provides your basic details in our site by which other users can directly contact you. We does not guarantee any result for that online registration. It purely depends on number of registered users, your demand, your and their feasibility to accept each others conditions.The registration fee once paid will not be refunded at any circumstances. All payment towards connectingmalayali.com/SOL SOLIS IT SOLUTIONS should be in the form of Demand Draft in the name of SOL SOLIS IT SOLUTIONS, payable at Guruvayur unless otherwise communicated to your mail id from our mail id solsoliskerala@gmail.com . We strictly do not accept any other forms of payment such as cash, cheque, bank account if it is otherwise permitted from our head office by email (solsoliskerala@gmail.com). You have to make sure that your payment is made to a right person/agency by making a confirmation call to our helpline 09288333888 before making any payment towards us. Any payment for services by credit card is non-refundable. SOL SOLIS IT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to cancel your SOL SOLIS IT SOLUTIONS membership in the case of non-payment or invalid credit card. Any attorney fees, court costs, or other costs incurred in collection of delinquent undisputed amounts shall be the responsibility of and paid for by Member.