Madhur Temple

Madhur Temple is located at a distance of 8 Km from Kasaragod town. The Madhur Temple is situated on the banks of river Madhuvahini.

Madhur Temple KasaragodThe rich architecture of Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple is unique three-tiered dome, copper-plated roofing and a cloistered court rises majestically against the beautiful landscape of the Madhuvahini River.

Namaskara Mandapam of this temple is adorned with lovely pictures of mythological heroes in wood. A more in-depth examination of the wood carvings will reveal the different episodes of the Ramayana, starting with the Seethga Swayamvaram. The Mantapam in the inside of this temple structure and the exterior facade of the second as well as third storey of this main building are also plentiful by nice-looking and superb wood carvings.

History of Madhur Temple

Madhur temple was initially Madhanentheswara Temple (Lord Shiva) and it is believed that, a "low caste" female by name "Madura" found an "Udbhava Murthy" (a statue that is not prepared by a human being) of shiva linga.

The main attraction of Madhur Temple is statue of Lord Ganapathi on the wall of the sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagriha). The statue of Ganapathi was drawn by a brahmin boy and he was son of a priest. He drew a small Ganapathy but the image became big and fat. Therefore the boy called the Ganapathi as Bodda Ganesha orBoddajja.

As per the legend of Kumble, Tipu Sultan of Mysore attacked the Madhur temple and desired to demolish the temple during his invasion of Kodagu, Tulunadu as well as Malabar. A miracle happened after drinking water from the well of this temple, he changed his mind on attacking and demolishing the Garbhagriha of Madhur Temple. He left the place and moved in the direction of Malabar. However to please his soldiers as well as Islamic scholars he made a cut using his sword as an evidence of his attack. The cut mark even now remains and it is noticeable on the building that has been constructed across the well of the Madhur Temple.

Ganapathi at Madhur Temple

Though the temple is dedicated to Srimad Anantheswara (Lord Shiva), the statue of Lord Ganapathi on the wall of Madhur Temple is very popular. Madhur is one of the most famous Ganapathi temples of six Ganapathi temples of ancients Tulunadu. People from different parts of Kerala and Karnataka visit Madhur Temple to get the blessings of Lord Ganapahti. The temple is administered by the state Government.


Madhur Temple Timings:

Morning: 05:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Evening: 05:30 PM to 08:00 PM

Distance from Madhur Temple, Kasargod

Kasargod: 8 Km
Mangalore: 59 Km (Karnataka)
Bajpe: 67 Km (Karnataka)
Kannur: 114 Km
Kozhikode: 201 Km
Thrissur: 328 Km
Ernakulam: 391 Km
Kochi: 407 Km
Alappuzha: 452 Km
Kumarakom: 453 Km
Kottayam: 463 Km
Idukki: 468 Km
Kuttanad: 470 Km
Munnar: 476 Km
Kollam: 540 Km
Thiruvananthapuram: 601 Km
Kovalam: 610 Km

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport at Bajpe (IATA: IXE, ICAO: VOML).

Nearest Railway Station: Kasaragod

Road: Madhur Temple is well connected by the road network. 


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