Malampuzha is a village in Palakkad district of KeralaSouth India, near to the Malampuzha Dam.

  • Nearest railway station: Palakkad Junction - 5 km
  • Nearest airport: Coimbatore Airport - 55 km
  • Nearest international airport: Coimbatore International Airport
  • A little township on the foothills of the Western Ghats Malampuzha takes its name from the river of the same name. Nurtured by this tributary of the state's longest river, the Bharathappuzha, Malampuzha is a lush green town and has been a major tourist attraction. Its trekking trails and large irrigation dam are a favourite with tourists as well as film directors as ideallocation for shooting.

    Around the reservoir are beautiful gardens and amusement parks. Boating facilities are available. There are other attractions like the Malampuzha garden, rock garden, an aquarium in the shape of a fish, a snake park and a ropeway which takes you on an aerial tour of the park. There is also a gigantic Yakshi (an enchantress) sculptured by Kanai Kunhiraman, the leading sculptor of Kerala.

    The rock garden is made of broken pieces of bangles, tiles, used plastic cans and other waste materials by the master sculptor Padma Shree Neck Chand Saini, whose rock garden in Chandigarh is world famous.

    Dam, amusement park, boating facilities, rock garden and ropeway.

    Best Season: 
    September to May

    Emergency Details: 
    District Tourism Promotion Council - Phone: 53896 Malampuzha Garden House (KTDC)- Phone: 815207 Malampuzha Information centre - Phone: 815280 Rock Gardens Malampuzha - Phone: 815140 Ropeway, Malampuzha - Phone: 815129

    Transport Terminals: 
    Palakkad (12kms away)

    How to Reach: 
    Nearest Railway Station: Palakkad.
    Nearest Airport: Coimbatore, about 55 km from Palakkad town 

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