Meenkunnu Beach

The Meenkunnu beach is famous for its golden sands and surf. It is not a crowded beach. Tourists who visit the place will find it a paradise. The beach is in Kannur District. 

Meenkunnu Beach is endowed with vast stretch of golden sand and coconut trees. Meenkunnu beach is located in Azhikode village. It is an extension of Payyambalam beach.


The name meenkunnu is a combination of two Malayalam words meen and kunnu. Meen literally means fish and kunnu a small hill.


Location: Azhikode, 10 kms north of Kannur.

Nearest Railway Station: Kannur

Nearest Bus Station: Kannur

Nearest Airports: Mangalore(120 kms), Kozhikode (120 kms).

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