Mother of God Cathedral Kozhikode

Located close to Beach Road in Kozhikode, the Mother of God Church built in the Roman architectural style dates back to 1513 AD and is the only one of its kind in Kerala. A 200-year-old portrait of St. Mary adorns the wall of the 18th century Gothic cathedral built by Christian missionaries.

Locally known as Valiyapalli, it is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic congregation in Malabar. Designed by Italian architects, this ancient shrine is a tribute to Italian know-how and the skill of Indian craftsmen.

Mother of God Cathedral which is considered as one of the oldest churches in Malabar is located ½ km from the city close to the beach road. Built in the Roman architectural style, the church dates back to 1513 AD, is the only one of its kind in Kerala. The added attraction of the church is a 200-year-old portrait of St Mary. Even though the church has undergone refurbishments in the 17th and 18th centuries, it has been renovated recently with out causing damage to its old architectural style. 

Contact Address : 
Mother of God Cathedral, Calicut – 673 032
Phone : 0495-2366301.


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