Muzhappilangadu Kurumba Kavu

There is no documented proof as to who built the temple or when it was constructed. It is believed that this temple has the tradition of more than thousand years. But there is evidence that the temple got its present structure 3.5 centuries ago.Muzhappilangad Sree Kurumba Temple, also known as the ‘second Kodungalloor’ , is one of the most famous Sree Kurumba Temples in Kerala. It is believed that the deity Sree Kurumba is Sree Badhrakali , who emerged from the third eye of Lord Shiva to destroy the demon, Darika. “Darika Vadham� (killing of Darika) is the story which is detailed in the kalam patu (song chanted during the annual festivals). The temple was constructed with three Sreekovils within a compound wall. We can see rare and peculiar type of mural paintings on the walls of the Sree Kovils. The Sreekovils are renovated and “ puna prathishta “ was performed on 21.01.2005. At the time of renovation, the mural paintings are pasted on peculiar sheets and they are separated from the walls, these paintings are framed and kept in the temple museum for future generation. Each piece of paintings are recreated in the newly constructed walls of the temple

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