Padinharekara Beach

Padinharekara Beach is one of the top visited beaches in Kerala. The state of Kerala is popular worldwide for its backwaters and long stretching beaches. In fact, India has its finest beaches situated in Kerala, which is termed as God's own state.

All throughout the year, a number of tourists flock the state because of the pristine beaches. These beaches are dotted with lagoons, swaying coconut palms, rocky formations and natural harbors. Some of the popular beaches of Kerala are Kovalam beach, Samudra beach, Varkala beach and Cherai beach, to name a few.

Nestled near Ponnani, lying at the end of Tipu Sultan road, Padinharekara Beach offers the picturesque view of the merging of River Bharathapuzha and river Tirur puzha with the Arabian Sea. It is also called Padinjarekara Beach. Commonly known as the 'virgin territory', the Padinharekara Beach in Kerala provides its tourists with local delicacies, gifts and with all traditional Keralan charm.

If you plan to enjoy a vacation in Kerala, then Padinharekara Beach would be an ideal place. You would enjoy the friendly and pleasant hospitality services of local people. Moreover, the climate is also moderate throughout the year. Even it is a great idea for nearby residents to enjoy weekends on Padinharekara Beach of Kerala.

Padinharekara Beach is one of those rare beaches, which has drawn in tourists for its natural beauty, white sandy shoreline. Holidaying here is great fun. You can enjoy several water sports and unwind at several spa centers in Kerala. The traditional Kerala food is sumptuous and yummy.

Staying near the Padinharekara Beach, Kerala would be comfortable for the place has several beach resorts. There are several 3 star, 2 star, luxury and economic hotels as well.

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