Pakshipathalam is situated in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli. It is 1740m above sea level. The location of Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary tourist place is about 32 kms from Manathavady town and 66 kms from Kalpetta. This place is the location for very rare species of birds and other wild animals. Trip to this tourist place will be an adventurous one.
For tourists who love trekking this is an ideal place because of its steep hills and dense forest. The area of Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary location is also known as trekker’s paradise as trekking is the only way to reach this tourist destination.
One of the major attractions for tourists at this location is the huge caves that are used by saints for meditation during ancient times. This is located 32kms from Manathavady town. To reach Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary, tourists have to travel 17kms through dense forests. Special permission should be taken from the forest department to enter this tourist spot. Travelers can arrange vehicle with the help of Kerala tourism department.
Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is an ideal location for bird watching as this is a hub of rare species of birds. You can use the watch tower at this destination for watching birds.

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