Thiruvallam Sree Parasurama Swami Temple

The most famous Parasurama Temple in Kerala is the Thiruvallam Sree Parasurama Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram district. This temple is situated at Thiruvallam in Thiruvananthapuram City on Kazhakkuttam-Kovalam By-pass. The temple is located at the Triveni Sangama of rivers Karamana, Killi and Parvathiputhanar. The main speciality of this temple is that it is a Trimurthy Trmple were Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahama has seperate shrines.


This temple has strong connection with Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple. According to the legends, the Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple was set up by a Tulu Brahmin ascetic named Divakara Muni on the 950th day of the Kali Yuga. Divakara Muni, a great devotee of Vishnu, was doing penance and Tapas in 'Aatharta' desa. One day Maha Vishnu appeared before him in the form of a beautiful child. The Sanyasi was taken up with the charms of the divine child and requested him to stay with him. The child agreed but on one condition that the sage would never get upset with him. The Muni agreed and tolerated all the childish pranks of the little boy. But one day, while Divakara Muni was in meditation the child took the 'salagram', which he was worshipping and put it into his mouth and made such a nuisance of himself, that the Muni chastised him. The child immediately ran away and disappeared saying, "if you wish to see me again You will find me in Anantankadu, the forest of Ananta". The sage was inconsolable and followed the child. Finally, he reached a wooded area near the sea coast and saw the child vanishing into a hug ilippa(bassia longifolia) tree. Immediately, the tree fell the ground assuming the shape of a recumbent Maha Vishnu. The divine form was nearly 13-km. long, having his head at Thiruvallam and its feet at Trippapur. Overawed by the majesty and the size of the divine form which manifested itself before him, the Sanyasi prayed that the Lord condense himself in size so that it would be possible for him to see Him within his limited field vision and offer puja. Accordingly, Lord Vishnu shrank in size and Divakara Muni offered pujas. The King constructed a temple there. Anachronisms exist as the temple is known to be of earlier origin. Hence it is concluded that it was a reconsecration that was carried out then by the King.


The same story is associated with Vilwamangalam too. Vilwamangalam Swamiyar was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Such was his bhakti that Vishnu appeared in the form of a small boy and stayed with the Swamiyar on the condition that if the Swamiyar got annoyed with the boy, the boy would immediately leave. Swamiyar accepted to this condition. Whenever the Swamiyar used to meditate, the boy would displace the idol of Vishnu. One day the boy took the Nivedyams prepared for the pooja and swallowed it. This annoyed the Swamiyar and he beat the boy with his right hand. Immediately the boy reminded the Swami that he had broken his promise and if he wished to see Him, he could do so at Ananthankadu. Then Swamiyar realised that the boy was Lord Vishnu itself. The repentant Swami started in search of the boy. He could hear only the sound of anklets and could see the foot prints of the boy. After a long search, when he was walking on the banks of Arabian Sea, he heard a pulaya lady threatening her child that she would throw him in Ananthankadu. The moment the Swami heard the word Ananthankadu, he was delighted. He proceeded to Ananthankadu based on the directions of the lady from whom he enquired. He once again heard the sound of anklets and waist bell and suddenly a big Iluppa tree fell down and it got transformed into Ananthasayana form. The idol was so long that its head was in Thiruvallam (5 km away from east fort) and feet in Trippappur (13 km away from east fort, near Kazhakkuttam) and the middle part in Ananthankadu (where the present Padmanabhaswami Temple is situated). Swami prayed to Padmanabha to be forgiven and prayed Him to contract Himself. Accordingly, Perumal contracted His body.


Devotees must visit Trippapur, Thiruvananthapuram and Thiruvallam temples in a single day to get the full blessings of Lord Padmanabha and Lord Mahadeva.

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