Peralassery Subramanya Swamy Temple



Lord Subrahmanya, son of Lord Siva, is the presiding deity of this temple. The temple is said to be connected with the famous epic, 'Ramayana'. It is believed that it was here that Lord Rama along with Lakshmana halted on their way to free Sita from Ravana in Lanka. The temple also has a shrine for the serpent God and has a number of bronze and copper idols of snakes. The annual festival of the temple is celebrated for eight days. Kathakali, Chakyarkoothu, Ottanthullal, Parayan Thullal and Seethankan Thullal are the main art-forms performed during the festival. Another important concert during the festival is a highly religious dance, ' Thidampunritham' performed by the priest. Peralaserry Subramania Temple along with Payyanur Subramania temple is probably the most important and must visit Subramania Temples in Kerala. 
The Peralassery Subramanya Temple, is located 15 kms from Kannur. It is also believed that people who visit Peralaserry temple must also visit the nearby Makrery temple. The main “vazhipaddu” or offerings in this temple are “Subramania Puja” and “Mutta Oppikal” (offering of eggs to the revered snake deity). The main deity of this temple is Lord Subramania. “Chuttambalam” has deities of Lord Ganesha, Lord Ayyapa. The Stepped Pool/Tank or “Chira” of  the Peralassery Subramania temple is a magnificent structure. The week long Kodiyettam festival associated with the Peralassery Subramanya temple is in the Month of December, every year. 
How to get to Peralaserry Subramania Temple, Kannur, Kerala.
Nearest Railway Station : Kannur (Cannanore) 16 Kms away. 
Nearest Airports: Mangalore in Karnataka State, about 50 kms from Kasaragod and  Kozhikode (Calicut) International Airport , Karipur, about 200 kms from Kasaragod
Main Private Bus Terminal in Kannur: 16kms away. 
KSRTC Bus Terminal in Kannur (Caltex): 15Kms away. 


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