Sentinel Rock Water Fall

Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is located in Wayanad district of Kerala. Locally known as Soochipara (needle rock) waterfalls, the pool at the foot of the falls is ideal for a quick dip. One of the most attractive falls in the district, the water hits the sharp spikes of granite at the base and hence the name, Sentinel Rock waterfalls.

   Soochippara waterfalls 22 kms south of Kalpetta near Chooralmala. Locally known asSoochippara and is a very popular leisure destination. This is a three step waterfall more than 200 mts in height. Framed by enchanting scenery. A must to see site! This region is ideal for rock climbing. Soochipara can be reached by a scenic 2 kms. nature walk and deer and other wildlife can be seen near the waterfront.
The Sentinel rock,a rock of more than 200m in height, is ideal for rock climbing. This waterfall situated in Vellarimala is surrounded by dense forests. On the way to this falls one can enjoy the beauty of the tea estates in Wayanad and one has to trek down 2ks through these dense jungle to reach the falls .
                                  Soochippara waterfalls is also known as Sentinel Rock waterfall. It is situated in Meppadi Panchayat, 22 km away from Kalpetta. The water falls is 3 tiered ranges height from  100 to 300 ft. This is about a 30 minute drive from Meppadi through the tea plantations to the falls. The first level of the falls is the longest and easiest to reach. Reaching the second and third ranges is a highly risky affair and the forest dept has banned trekking to those destinations after a series of landslips in those areas during the monsoon. These three falls lie in Meenmutty, Soochippara and Kanthanpara. Finally they combine and then fall into the Chaliyar River.

General Information on Soochipara Falls (Sentinel Rock Waterfalls):

  • Soochipara Falls also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls
  • Soochipara (meaning "Needle-like Rock")
  • Waterfalls Hight 200 metres (656 feet)
  • Soochipara Falls Waterfalls is a spectacular three tiered waterfalls
  • Here one can enjoy waterrafting, swimming and bathing in the pool below
  • Opening Time: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Another highlight of this place is the tree top huts within the dense forest
  • Main Attraction: Waterfall
  • Soochipara is near Meppadi, south of Kalpetta
  • The falls can be reached by a 2 KM walk into the dense equatorial forest

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