Thodeekalam Siva Temple

Temples and palaces were the ancient galleries for mural paintings in Kerala. One such at Kannur district attracting art lovers from all over the world, is the Siva temple at Kannavam. There are 150 murals in an area of 700 sq ft. in 40 panels, drawn on the sanctum sanctorum walls. Based on Saivic and Vaishnav themes these portray the village life from the 16th to the 18th centuries, depicting scenes like Rugmini Swayamvaram and Ravana vadham.

The murals followed certain standards in the choice of colour, proportions and methods. Only natural pigments were used. The commonly used colours are saffron-red, saffron-yellow, green, red, white, blue,black, yellow and golden yellow. The Thodikkulam Siva Temple, constructed 2000 years ago, is closely associated with the Pazhassi royal family of Kottayam (Malabar) and it has a sanctum sanctorum constructed in two-storeys and is rectangular. The outer building and an incomplete Mukhamandapam (portico) in front of the central shrine complete the structure.

Best Season: 
Oct ober- May (Annual Festival - December)

Emergency Details: 
Phone : 0490 2301399

Transport Terminals: 
Nearest City : Kuthuparamba

2 kms away from Kannavam, near Thalasserry

How to Reach: 
Nearest Railway Station: Thalasseri, 34 kms away
Nearest Airport: Karipur International Airport, 71 kms away

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