Vasco House

Believed to have been the residence of Vasco da Gama, this is one of the oldest Portuguese residences in Fort Kochi. Built in the early sixteenth century, Vasco House sports the typical European glass paned windows and balcony cum verandahs characteristic of the times.

Vasco House is believed to be the house where Vasco Da Gama stayed during his visits to Kochi, right until his death in 1524. The house, more than 500 years old, is on Rose Street at Fort Kochi.  

The house, built in the Portuguese style of architecture, was one of the pioneering structures that paved the way for the construction of European buildings in Fort Kochi. 

The large glass-paned windows open towards St. Francis Church. The windows, built in typical European style, and the balcony –cum-verandahs stand testimony to the architectural grandeur of the time. Converted to a home stay, Vasco House now woos visitors with its ambience and heritage.

  • Address: 1/344, vasco house,Rose Street, Fort Cochin, Cochin -682001, Ernakulam, KL 682001
    Phone:0484 221 6267

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