iPhone5 upgrade makes an iPhone6 flaw inevitable?


iPhone5 upgrade makes an iPhone6 flaw inevitable?

Analysts at Canaccord Genuity and Topeka Capital both say that their checks indicate that a late summer or early fall release of an iPhone 5S is likely.

Wow, really? Why are they upgrading the iPhone 5, when consumers thought the iPhone iOS 6.1.3 was the fix for the bugs in the iPhone 5 in the first place?

According to analysts at Canaccord Genuity and Topeka Capital Markets, Apple will likely refresh its iPhone5 and release it this summer or at least by the third quarter of this year.  Both companies released reports to investors this week.

I can imagine consumers will be chomping at the bit to purchase, but I have to ask why? There was a fix offered for the iPhone iOS 6.1.3, that was created to fix the bugs in the iPhone 5. So now are they saying that the iPhone iOS 6.1.3 series will be obsolete this fall because they can’t come up with a fix? Did they jump the gun in releasing it to the wider public? It seems to me that they weren’t really ready, or they didn’t do proper testing. So now consumers will be offered an upgrade to the now old technology of the iPhone iOS 6.1.3 to an older more stable series of the iPhone 5. I don’t know about you. But I won’t be rushing to stores anytime soon for the new the iPhone5S in the fall. I think I’ll wait till they get it right, or maybe I’ll be waiting forever. Do they ever really get it ‘right’? There always seems to be a bug of some sort.

The analysts believe Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will begin to lose market share during the first half of this year because there is a “host of impressive recently-launched high-end Android smartphones” being released right now. The Samsung Galaxy S4 in particular just came out this month and is expected to put pressure on Apple.

Canaccord Genuity analysts said in their note that “Apple has a strong product pipeline” and believe that the company’s year over year earnings growth will accelerate once again in the September quarter, even though the company may be struggling right now.

 Most early Apple iPhone5 might remember the lock screen bug, which drove a number of users nuts before Apple introduced a permanent fix. Only two days after Apple released the new “iPhone iOS 6.1.3 a new lock screen bug was discovered and allowed unauthorized users to bypass the four-digit PIN code on iPhones and iPads, essentially a new password bypass vulnerability.

And now they decide on sticking with the iPhone5 series?

The discovery could give an attacker access to private information. But the vulnerability is different from the passcode bug(s) addressed on Tuesday’s iOS update. Nonetheless, the end result is similar: hackers could access the iPhone’s contact list and photos.

The new lock screen bug was first documented by YouTube user videosdebarraquito, who bypassed it using nothing but a paperclip and posted a video demoing the fix procedure. The basic gist, seen in the video below, is to eject the iPhone’s SIM card while using the built-in voice controls to make a phone call. He makes a comment of ‘Sorry, iOS 6.1.3 has a new security flaw, but can be avoided easily. You should disable the “Voice Dial” option if you want to be safe’.

To bypass the iPhone passcode lock on iOS 6.1.3.

There are a couple important things to keep in mind. For one, it appears this bug applies to most modern iPhones, though apparently the procedure isn’t as easy as it looks. The YouTube video shows the hack being executed on an iPhone 4, and iphone in canada was able to replicate it on an iPhone 4. “The Next Web” was able to replicate it on an iPhone 4S but not an iPhone 5. But the iPhone 5 didn’t get away scot free, as German language site “iPhone blog.de” appears to have been able to replicate the bug on that version of the iPhone. We have not yet seen a confirmed case of the bug existing on the iPhone 3GS, though it’s probably safe to assume that it does.

The bug doesn’t look to be related to Siri—rather, it’s related to Apple’s older Voice Control feature. If you have Siri turned on for lock screen functionality (which can be found in Settings > General > Passcode lock), the above procedure doesn’t appear to work, so far, that is. From here, the phone application remains open, allowing access to recent call logs, contacts, and voicemail (if it isn’t protected by a separate PIN code). But also from here, photos and video can also be accessed by creating a new contact. When a new contact is created, it opens up access to the photos application — including Camera Roll and Photo Stream.

As soon as the screen turns off, the device locks again, but this can be bypassed with the SIM card tray removal trick.

Upon close examination of the screen recording we took, it appears that when Voice Control is used, it loads up the phone application in the background, which as it begins to call immediately it places this in ‘background’ mode. When the call begins, for a split-second the phone application displays as it transitions away, only to be replaced by the lock screen once the call is ended.

Removing the SIM card seems to ‘confuse’ the device, resulting in a pop-up display warning that the SIM card has been removed. This stalls the transition and keeps it in active play.


For now, disabling the feature on devices running iOS 6.1.3 appears to fix this bug.




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