How to find out if someone has been snooping in your Gmail

Washington : Those concerned about their Gmail account being hacked or snooped on can find out if it is so by using a simple tool provided by Google,  gives you the tools necessary to find out.

First, log into your Gmail account from your computer's Web browser. Once you get to your inbox screen, scroll to the bottom, and look for the link labelled "Details" in the lower-right corner. (Look closely: It's a small link. We won't judge if you need a magnifying glass.)

When you click on it, a pop-up window will appear, and it will show you a detailed list of the last ten times you – or anyone else –has accessed your account. It will also show you not just when your account was accessed but also how it was viewed. You’ll know if the inbox was opened using an email app, browser, smartphone app and the IP address through which it was accessed.

If something looks fishy, you'll want to change your password as soon as humanly possible.While you're at it, you may want to turn on two-factor authentication for your Google account and give yourself an extra layer of protection.

To beef up the security, a user can turn on two-factor authentication for the Google account and store the IP addresses of the various systems one uses (work, home, mobile) in order to crosscheck if anything is found fishy.

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