List of Discoveries

·         Adrenaline discovered by : Jokichi Takamine

·         Aluminium discovered by : Humphry Davy

·         Anaesthesia discovered by : Crawford Williamson Long

·         Anaphylaxis discovered by : Charles Richet - Theobald Smith

·         Antibiotics discovered by : Alexander Fleming

·         Antiseptics discovered by : Joseph Lister

·         Bacteria discovered by : Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

·         Biological Cell discovered by : Robert Hooke

·         Biological Nitrogen Fixation discovered by : Martinus Beijerinck

·         Biological Virus discovered by : Dimitri Iosifovich Ivanov

·         Blood Transfusion discovered by : Jean-Baptiste Denys

·         Cadmium discovered by : Friedrich Stromeyer

·         Cashmere Wool discovered by : Zayn-ul-Abidin

·         DNA - Deoxyrionucleic Acid discovered by : Friedrich Miescher

·         Electron discovered by : J. J. Thomson

·         Giganotosaurus discovered by : Ruben Carolini

·         Gravity or Gravitational Force discovered by : Sir Isaac Newton

·         Helium discovered by : Pierre Jules César Janssen and Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer

·         HIV discovered by : Luc Montagnier

·         Mount Everest discovered by : Radhanath Sikdhar

·         Mycobacterium Tuberculosis discovered by : Robert Koch

·         Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation discovered by : Sir Isaac Newton

·         Oxygen discovered by : Scheele - Priestley

·         Penicillin discovered by : Alexander Fleming

·         Periodic Orbit of Halley's Comet discovered by : Edmond Halley

·         Photosynthesis discovered by : Jan Ingenhousz

·         Pulsars discovered by : Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish.

·         Salmonella discovered by : Theobald Smith-D. Salmon

·         Saturn discovered by : Galileo Galilei

·         X Rays discovered by : Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen




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