How To Fill Your Eyebrows In 4 Easy Steps


 My obsession with eyebrows started around the time I fell in love with Lily Collins and Camilla Belle‘s eyebrows.

I love how dark and sexy they look, and I always wished I had similar brows. As someone who enjoys playing with makeup and belongs to a family of beauty enthusiasts, I eventually learned that the eyebrows alone can make or break a look that’s why it’s important for me to have them cleaned and maintained every 3 to 4 weeks.

I also made it my mission to master how to fill in eyebrows, the way my mom expertly does.


 I’ve got to admit—out of all the basic makeup tricks I’ve learned, how to fill in eyebrows is one of the hardest to master. So I’ve decided to list down my tips and tricks on how to fill in eyebrows here.

 1. Clean

 It’s easiest to work with clean eyebrows. I’ve never tried cleaning them on my own, which is why I always visit the salon to have them waxed. To know more about the pros and cons of the different ways to clean the eyebrows (shave, pluck, thread, or wax), you can read my article here. I also suggest working with the shape that you have so that it looks more natural.


 There are different types of eyebrow makeup like powder, liquid, pencil, and gel. My favorite ones are powder and liquid because they don’t come off too strong unlike pencil (but that’s just my opinion because I have heavy hands). Another thing to remember and something I learned from the Personal Makeup Workshop I attended by Au Mauricio: Eyebrows don’t have to be twins. They just have to be sisters.


 2. Line

 For this article, I used K-Palette’s Lasting 2Way Eyebrow and a spooley. (You can read my review on K-Palette’s 2Way Eyebrow here.) Depending on the look I’m going for, I also use Face Shop’s Face It Designing Cake Eyebrow. The darker the eyebrows, the more mature the look. Usually, I use K-Palette for evening wear or with darker eye shadows. Face It, I use more for everyday wear.


 Using the liquid tip, I lightly line the thicker end just to give me a mark on where to fill. This also gives my eyebrows a more defined shape.

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