Tripunithara Athachamayam

TRIPUNITHURA ATHACHAMAYAM is considered as the traditional beginning of ten day long Onam Celebrations.

At a time when we try to conceal the bitter realities of the “Present” with the nostalgic memories of those bygone hey days, the relevance of these festival has been increasing in our day to day life.

This year’s Athaghosham (democratic name of Atha Chamayam) falls on 7th September 2013, Saturday. In the presence of various dignitaries, Hon Speaker of Kerala Assembly, Sri. G. Karthikeyan  will inaugurate the three day long Athaghosham at Atham Nagar (Govt. Boys High School).

Tripunithura Atha Chamyam started somewhere during the Royal Reign of Kochi state under able and educated Kochi Kings. “The evolution took place in the Atha Chamayam, not only during the Royal Reign but in the democratic era also re reveals the myriad phases of the history of Koch iState, said 87 year old Elamana Hari, who had served both the Kochi Kings and the State Government.

Though at first the Kochi Kings started the Atha Chamayam from Hill Palace to Thrikkakkara Vamana Moorthy Temple, later after King Zamorin invaded Vanneri, a provinces which was under the control of Kochi State, the Kochi Kings decided to confine Atha Chamayam just inside the Tripunithura, the Head Quarter of Kochi Kings.

Interestingly from that particular day, when the Zamorin invaded Vanneri, the Kochi Kings decided to keep the crown in the lap, instead of decorating their heads with the Golden Crown.

After the official merging of Kochi with Travancore (in 1949), Rama Varma Pareekshith Thampuran had attended the last Atha Chamayam .

After the formation of Kerala State the people of Tripunithura started to celebrate Atha Chamayam as Athaghosham.

Amidst the speed and restless life in a congested City Suburb atmosphere, Tripunithurites are readying to receive the nostalgic memories of heydays with all its fervor and splendor.


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