What is cancer?

What is Cancer?
Information Hub Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected.

What is Lung Cancer?
Information Hub Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth, and lung cancer occurs when this uncontrolled cell growth begins in one or both lungs. Rather than developing into healthy, normal lung tissue, these abnormal cells continue...

What is Pancreatic Cancer?
Information Hub Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth, and pancreatic cancer occurs when this uncontrolled cell growth begins in the pancreas. Rather than developing into healthy, normal pancreas tissue, these abnormal cells...

What Is Colorectal Cancer?
Information Hub Colorectal cancer is also known as bowel cancer. The UK National Health Service says colorectal cancer is the most common cancer globally today. However, the World Health Organization says it is the second most common cancer, after lung cancer.

What Is Breast Cancer?
Information Hub Breast cancer is a tumor that has become malignant - it has developed from the breast cells. A 'malignant' tumor can spread to other parts of the body - it may also invade surrounding tissue. When it spreads around the body, we call it 'metastasis'.

Breast Cancer News
News Category Current breast cancer research, treatments, symptoms, causes and risk factors.

Cancer / Oncology News
News Category The physical, chemical and biologic properties and features of neoplasms, tumors, symptoms, treatments, causes and risk factors.

Lung Cancer News
News Category Mesothelioma, small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), research, treatments and symptoms.

Prostate / Prostate Cancer News
News Category Current research findings, treatment and prevention.

Colorectal Cancer News
News Category Tumors of the colon/rectum, symptoms, treatments, causes and risk factors.

Cervical Cancer / HPV Vaccine News
News Category Human papillomavirus (HPV), cancer of the cervix, vaccine development, legislation and more.

Ovarian Cancer News
News Category Cancer of the ovary; symptoms and causes, research, treatments, info on living with ovarian cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer News
News Category Current research findings, clinical trials, screening, diagnostic tests, pancreatic cancer treatment options and more.

Melanoma / Skin Cancer News
News Category Both types of skin cancer - malignant melanoma (a tumor of melanocytes) and non-melanoma (basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma). Melanoma can also occasionally develop in the eyes (uveal melanoma), the respiratory passage, intestines and brain.

Ovarian cancer sniffed out by dogs
11 Aug 2013 Researchers are looking to create a breakthrough method of detecting ovarian cancer - by using dogs to sniff out the disease. A group of researchers collaborated to investigate using canine olfaction and chemical and nanotechnology analysis as a means...

Lung cancer risk cut by eating raw garlic
09 Aug 2013 Eating raw garlic twice a week could potentially halve the risk of developing lung cancer, according to a study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. Researchers from the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention in...

Brain cancer: groundbreaking MRI-guided gene therapy
08 Aug 2013 Neurosurgeons from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have conducted the first real-time MRI-guided gene therapy for patients with brain cancer, advancing the clinical trial of new cancer drug, Toca 511. The new treatment, carried out by...

MRI-guided brain cancer breakthrough - exclusive interview
08 Aug 2013 Neurosurgeons from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have conducted the first real-time MRI-guided gene therapy for patients with brain cancer, advancing the clinical trial of new cancer drug, Toca 511. The new treatment, carried out by...

Study links blood pressure meds to breast cancer
07 Aug 2013 Postmenopausal women who take a class of medicine for high blood pressure may be at a greater risk for developing breast cancer, according to a recent study by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists. The study, published in the Journal of...

New treatment strategy for breast cancer spread to brain
05 Aug 2013 A combination of two new therapies already in clinical trials for the treatment of primary malignant brain tumors may also be effective in the treatment of breast cancer that has spread to the brain, according to US researchers. The team, from the...

what is dandruff?

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff, also known as scurf or Pityriasis simplex capillitii, affects the scalp and causes flakes of skin to appear - it is a common condition. Our skin cells are forever renewing themselves. Read more...

List of hospitals in Kerala

Complete list of hospitals in Kerala


Al-Arif Hospitals, Kerala


Aswini Hospital, Kerala


Amala Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Kerala


Aswathy Chikilsalayam, Kerala


Abraham Mallppan Memorial Hospital, Kerala


AM Hospital kollam, Kerala


Assisi Attonment Hospital, Kerala


Aravind Medical Centre, Kerala


Aroma Hospital, Kalpetta, Kerala


Ayyappa Sevasangam, Kerala


Ashakendram Hospital, Kerala


Anugraha Hospital, Kerala


Abraham's Infertility Research of Gynaec Centre, Kerala


Aswini Ayurveda Nursing Home, Kerala


Andu Hospital, Kerala


Arpana Hospital , Kerala


Ardhana Hospital , Kerala


Anpu Hospital, Kerala


Anjana Hospital , Kerala


Alpa Hospital, Kerala


Bishop Alapatt Mission Hospital, Kerala


Bishop Bensigar Hospital, Kerala


Benzigar Hospital, Kerala


Bharath Hospital, Kerala


Banglavil Kumaran Memorial Hospital, Kerala


Bethestan Medical Centre, Kerala


BKM Hospital, Kerala


Bala Dispensary , Kerala


Bishop Vayalil Hospital, Kerala


City Dental Clinic, Kerala


ChandramatiAmma Memorial Hospital, Kerala


Chalakudi Govt. Hospital, Kerala


Co-Operative Group Hospital, Kerala


Christian medical Mission Hospital, Kerala


Christian Medical Centre, Kerala


Children's Medical centre, Kerala


C.S.I Hospital, Kerala


C.M Hospital, Kerala


Cosmetic Dental Clinic, Kerala


Co-operatives Hospital, Kerala


C.S.I. Hospital Kalayapuram, Kerala


Chelsa Medical Care, Kerala


Cherukara Dental Clinic, Kerala


Cheriapally Hospital, Kerala


CMC Hospital, Kerala




Central Travancore Specialist Hospital, Kerala


CKV Hospitals, Kerala


Century Hospital, Kerala


Dr Govindans Hospital, Kerala


Dr.JoysHospital,Vyttila, Kerala


Dhanya Hospital, Kerala


Devamatha Hospital,Koratty,, Kerala


District Hospital Thrissur, Kerala


Danya Mission Hospital, Kerala


District Medical Office, Kerala


Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Centre, Kerala


Dr. Nair's Hospital, Kerala


D.J.M. Hospital, Kerala


Divya Prabha Eye Hospital, Kerala


Dijo Dental Clinic, Kerala


District Hospital,kottayam, Kerala


Dr. S. Srikantan MS, Kerala


Dr. R. Inidira DGO, Kerala


Dr. S. Ravisankar MS, Kerala


Deepa Hospital, Kerala


Dr.E.T.Kuriakose Eye Hospital, Kerala


Doctor's Diagnostic Centre, Kerala


Dr.C.I. Narayana Memorial Hospital, Kerala


E N T Hospital, Kerala


Elite Mission Hospital, Kerala


Ettumanoor Hospital, Kerala


Ebenzeer Hospital, Kerala


Ernakulam Medical Centre, Kerala


Fathima Hospital,kozhikode, Kerala


Farooq Hospital, Kerala


Fathima Hospital, Kerala


Govt. General Hospital, Kerala


GEM Hospital, Kerala


Govt. Hospital Thiruvalla, Kerala


Govt. Hospital konni, Kerala


Govt. Hospital Adoor, Kerala


Good Samariyan Hospital, Kerala


GK Hospital, Kerala


General Hospital pathanamthitta, Kerala


Govt. Victoria Hospital, Kerala


Govt: Hospital,Ambalavayal, Kerala


Good Sheperd Hospital, Kerala


Govt: Hospital, Vythiri, Kerala


Govt: Hospital Ettumanoor, Kerala


Govt. Hospital changanachery, Kerala


GGR Hospital, Kerala


Goutham Hospital, Kerala


Gems Hospital, Kerala


Giridhar Eye Institute, Kerala


Gautham Hospital, Kerala


Gyno Speciality Hospital, Kerala


Hindustan Maternity Home, Kerala


Hydrose Memorial Hospital, Kerala


Holy family Hospital,Ollur, Kerala


Holy Family Clinics, Kerala


H and W Cardiac Centre, Kerala


Huda Trust Hospital, Kerala


H.M.L. Hospital , Kerala


Holly Family Medical Centre, Kerala


Holy Family Hospital, Kerala


Holly Cross Hospital., Kerala


Holy Queens Hospital, Kerala


Holy Cross Hospital, Kerala


Irinjalakuda Govt.Hospital, Kerala


Irinjalakuda Co-op. Hospital, Kerala


Irinjalakuda Ayurveda Hospital, Kerala


I V Govindan Memorial Hospital, Kerala


Institute of Child Health, Kerala


I.C.H. Hospital, Kerala




Indira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital, Kerala


I.O.M.C. hospital , Kerala


Jubilee Mission Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala


Jacob Memorial Hospital, Kerala


Jyothi Hospital, Kerala


Jeevan's Hospital, Kerala


Janatha Hospital, Kerala


Jishy Hospital, Kerala


James Eye Hospital, Kerala


Jubilee Mission Hospital, Kerala


K.G.Hospital and Health Care, Kerala


K J Hospital, Kerala


Kodungallor Govt.Hospital, Kerala


K A Speciality Hospital, Kerala


KTCM Hospital, Kerala


KJK Hospital, Kerala


Kerala Institute of Medical Science (KIMS), Kerala


Kripa Hospital, Kerala


Kanjirappally Govt. Hospital, Kerala


Kottayam I.CH.M.C. Hospital, Kerala


Karunalayalam, Kerala


K.M.C.Hospital, Kerala


K.V.M. Hospital, Kerala


Kandiyoor, Kerala


K.N.Sasthry Memorial, Kerala


Kunhalu's Hospitals Pvt Ltd, Kerala


KPM Eye Hospital, Kerala


Krishna Nursing Home, Kerala


Karuna Hospital , Kerala


Kanchana Hospital, Kerala


Lakshmi Sudha Hospital, Kerala


Leo Hospital, Kerala


Lourdes Matha Hospital, Kerala


Little Flower Hospital, Kerala


Lisie Hospital, Kerala


Laxmi Nursing Home, 


Lakshmi Hospital, Kerala


Luke Memorial Hospital,, Kerala


Lakshmi Clinic, Kerala


Lakeshore Hospital, Kerala


Mundol Nursing Home,, Kerala


Medical College,Calicut, Kerala


Manohar Hospital, Kerala


Mother And Child Hospital, Kerala


Medicare Hospital,I K S Puram, Kerala


Mariya Theresa Hospital, Kerala


Marina Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, Kerala


Mala Medical Centre, Kerala


Madona Mission Hospital (p) Ltd, Kerala


M I Mission Hospital,Kodungallur,, Kerala


M E S Thyvalappil Musthafa Hospital, 


Mother Hospital, Kerala


Mission Home, Kerala


Metropolitan Hospital, Kerala


Medical College,RoundEast,Thrissur, Kerala


Mary Eimmakulate Hospital, Kerala


Mala Govt. Hospital, Kerala


M M Medical and Dental Speciality, Kerala


Modern Hospital Kodungallur Ltd., Kerala


Muthoot Mission Hospital, Kerala


Nadakkavu Hospital, Kerala


Nirmala Hospital,Merikkunnu, Kerala


NSS Medical Mission Hospital, Kerala


Nakadda Mission Hospital, Kerala


Nanni Memorial Hospital, Kerala


Nirmal Hospital, Kerala


Navajeevan Trust, Kerala


New Andu Hospital, Kerala


Nirmala Hospital , Kerala


Nagarjuna Ayurveda Hospital , Kerala


Nirmala Hospital, Kerala


Naugelil Hospital, Kerala


Okay Mission Hospital Ltd, Kerala


Our Hospital Ltd., Kerala


O.P. Clinic, Kerala


P R S Hospital, Kerala


Prasanthi Medical Centre, Kerala


Puthukkad Govt. Hospital, Kerala


Punarjani Hospital,thrissur, Kerala


Pushappagiri Hospital, Kerala


Poyaniyil Hospital, Kerala


Peoples Clinic, Kerala


Priya Hospital, Kerala


P.B.M Hospital, Kerala


PM Hospilal, Kerala


PNVM Hospital, Kerala


PVS Memorial Hospital Ltd, Kerala


Palmeeleyer Hospital, Kerala


Peechat Hospital, Kerala


Queen Mary's Hospital, Kerala

   Queen Mary's Hospital, Kerala


Rajendra Nursing home, Kerala


Rohini Hospital, Kerala


Redcross Society, Kerala


R.Sankar Smaraka Hospital, Kerala


Regional Cancer Centre, Kerala


Red Cross, Kerala


Ranjini Eye Care, Kerala


Resmi Hospital, Marayoor , Kerala


Ranigiri Hospital, Kerala


Resmi Hospital, Kerala


Sarada Hospital, Kerala


Shiba Urological Research Centre, Kerala


Sree Uthradom Thirunal Hospital, Kerala


S P Fort Hospital, Kerala


St. Vincent De Paul Hospital, Kerala


St. Joseph, Kerala


St. Antony's Hospital, Kerala


San Jose Parish Hospital, Kerala


St. Vincent Diabetes Research Centre and Hospital , Kerala


St. James Hospital, Kerala


Sacred Heart Mission Hospital, Kerala


Sai Dental Clinic , Kerala


Sunny Memorial Hospital, Kerala


St. Mary's Hospital,Kumbanad, Kerala


St. George Hospital,Adoor,, Kerala


Seyoon Medical Trust Hospital, Kerala


Samad IVF Hospital,Kaval, Kerala


Samad IVF Hospital, Kerala


St.Vincent Hospital, Kerala


St.Joseph Hospital, Kerala


Taj Hospital, Kerala


Thrissur Heart Hospital Limited, Kerala


Thahani Hospital, Kerala


TVN Hospital, Kerala


Thiruvalla Medical Mission Hospital, Kerala


Thaluk Headquarters Hospital, Kerala


Taluk Hospital, S.Bathery, Kerala


Thengana Medical Mission Hospital, Kerala


Thachankary Medical Trust, Kerala


T.B. Centre , Kerala


Taluk Hospital, Peermade, Kerala


Taluk Hospital, Kerala


Taluk Head Quarters Hospital, Kerala


The Christian Hospital And Educational Foundation And Trusrt, Kerala


Taluk Head Qrs Hospital, Kerala


Thazhathoot Hospital, Kerala


Thazhathoottu Hospital, Kerala


T H Q Hospital, Kerala


Upasana Hospital, Kerala


Vijaymatha Hospital, Kerala


Vijayasree Eye Hosptial, Kerala


Victory Hospital, Kerala


Vinayaka Hospital, Kerala


Vivekananda Hospital, Kerala


Vaikom Govt. Hospital, Kerala


Vimala Hospital, Kerala


Vijaya Hospital, Kerala


Vijaya Fertility Clinic Endoscopy Centre, Kerala


Vijayaraja Hospital, 


Velankanny Matha Hospital, Kerala


Vimala Hospital , Kerala


Velankanny Hospital, Kerala


Varriem Dispensery , Kerala


Vijaya Raja Hospital, Kerala


V M Hospital, Kerala


Valiyyappa Memorial Trust Hospital, Kerala


West Fort Hospital, Kerala


Welcare Hospital, Kerala





What Are Fordyce Spots? What Causes Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce spots, also known as Fordyce's spots, Fordyce granules or Sebaceous Prominence, are small raised, pale red, yellow-white or skin-colored bumps or spots that appear on the shaft of the penis, the labia, scrotum, or the vermilion border of the lips of a person's face. They can also be found on the foreskin of the penis (called Tyson's glands).

The vermilion (vermillion) border of the lips is the normally sharp demarcation between the red colored part of the lip and the adjacent normal skin of the face.

Fordyce Spots are named after the American dermatologist John Addison Fordyce (1858-1925) who first described them clinically in a medical journal. He also coined the terms Fox Fordyce disease, Fordyce's disease, Fordyce's lesion, and Brooke-Fordyce trichoepithelioma.

Fordyce Spots are common in both males and females.

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7 Alarming Signs You Are Unhealthy


unhealthy signs

We are often guilty of believing that we are a picture of fine health as we have no real signs that anything untoward is going on inside our body. However, this does not have to be true as there are actually a number of indications that we tend to ignore that are actually telling us that something is not right. Failure to pay attention to them will of course tend to lead to things getting worse, so what follows are 7 signs you are unhealthy in the hope that they may stop further problems from occurring.

1. You find that your lips crack.

It may sound like something that just happens due to the weather, but cracked lips, especially at the corners, can actually show that you have a vitamin B12 deficiency. A lack of this vitamin in your system can lead to health issues such as anaemia and it will affect your blood, so look at either buying a supplement to boost the levels, eat foods that are high in it, or consult your doctor to get a special injection that really will make a difference to your health.

2. You are not as tall as you used to be.

This may sound strange, but as we get older there is a tendency for us to shrink, but the rate at which this happens can indicate that there is some kind of issue with our bones and in particular with us developing osteoporosis. The problem with this bone disease is that it then means we are more likely to fracture a bone when we fall or develop curvature of the spine, so early diagnosis will allow you to make changes to your diet that can stop it from progressively getting worse.

Catching Flu
3. You pick up more than your fair share of colds.

If you seem to be more prone to picking up colds it may indicate that you need to boost your immune system or there may be some kind of issue with it. You may be lacking in Vitamin C or there could even be a virus attacking it that you are unaware of, so get a blood test carried out that can check if there is anything to be concerned about and try to improve your general health to give it that natural boost.

4. Your urine is too yellow.

It is important that you pay attention to the color of your urine as this can actually be a fantastic indicator about your general health. If you are hydrated your urine should be almost clear, but if you are drinking enough and it is still a dark yellow it may indicate that there is an issue with your kidneys and the waste is not being processed correctly. Look at upping your fluid intake and see if it helps, but only drink water, and if it stays the same get your kidney function checked.

5. Your skin acts up continuously.

If you find that you develop acne, eczema, or any other skin disorder on a regular basis then it can mean more than you are simply not taking care of the skin or using the correct products. Instead, it could be the result of an allergic reaction or it may be your body telling you that it is stressed and needs you to slow down. Your skin is the biggest single organ in your body, so listen to what it is telling you as your body often uses it to put out a cry for help and it offers up signs that all is not well and you are not as healthy as you thought you were.

6. You are not sleeping like normal.

If you find that your sleep pattern is disturbed and you are suffering from some form of insomnia it does tend to point towards your body and mind being too stressed. When we sleep, our body is supposed to lower the amount of cortisol coursing through it, but when we are stressed this does not happen and we are thrown out of sync. When this happens our body struggles to repair itself and recharge its batteries leading to us gradually being run down and when this happens we can pick up all kinds of illnesses due to our immune system not operating at full capacity.

7. You are tired, but sleep enough.

If you are getting more than enough sleep, but still find that you are tired in the afternoon, then it may indicate that there is a problem with your thyroid. The problem here is that your adrenal glands are being exhausted leading to your body using up all of its energy early on without it being replaced in the proper manner. This problem can then lead to your body being run down as it is working so hard trying to protect you from the different kinds of toxins that you can pick up during the day from the environment as well as things you are doing. When this happens it leaves you open to other potential health problems, so get your thyroid checked.




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