High Blood Pressure?? Herbs and Spices can help you

Spices To Control High Blood Pressure

Using herbs and spices can help you lower cholesterol as well as blood pressure levels. If you suffer from blood pressure, just include some healthy spices. We all know about the health risks that are associated with hypertension (high blood pressure). So, it is very important to cure hypertension

High blood pressure can be due to many factors like obesity, stress, excessive salt consumption, alcohol, smoking or lack of exercise. Even family history can be one of the reasons for high blood pressure. If you are once diagnosed with high blood pressure problems, you have to be very careful. India is a hub of spices. You can include some healthy spices to control your high blood pressure levels. Check out..

6 healthy spices to control high blood pressure: 

Garlic: Allicin (an antioxidant) in garlic has many anti-bacterial and anti-hypertension properties. The spice is used to add flavour and aroma to the dish. You can simply have 2-3 raw pods of garlic regularly to control your blood pressure levels. In China and many other countriess, garlic is considered as a natural medicine to cure blood pressure problems. The benefit of eating garlic is, it will normalise low or high blood pressure but would not harm the normal blood pressure levels. 

Onions: It is considered as another medicine for treating high blood pressure. Like garlic, if you have raw onions and drink its juice, you can stabilise your blood pressure levels. Onions have quercetin (an antioxidant flavonol) that increases blood circulation in the body, increases production of blood and also reduces the chances of heart stroke. Have raw onion salad and drink its juice to flush out toxins from the body and control hypertension. 

Cinnamon: This spice is very effective to cure hypertension. High blood pressure can be stabilised by including this aromatic spice. According to a study conducted by Journal of the American College of Nutrition , cinnamon has been effective in reducing high blood pressure of diabetics and non-diabetics. Add freshly shaved cinnamon in your gravy to enjoy the flavour and its health benefits. 

Basil: Commonly known as Tulsi in India, this herb can help you get control over high blood pressure. Basil cleans the blood vessels and helps balance the high blood pressure. 

Oregano: The spice can be really beneficial to cure hypertension. It contains anti-fungal properties like thymol and carvacrol that reduces arterial, systolic and diastolic blood pressures . 

Rosemary: Sodium can increase your blood pressure levels. So, it is best to avoid excessive consumption of salt. Instead, sprinkle rosemary on your foods. The healthy spice can be really good to cure hypertension. 

These are few healthy spices that can control high blood pressure levels. There are many other spices and herbs like curry powder, bay leaves, red chilli powder, black pepper, dry mustard powder and thyme to name a few. Include these healthy spices to cure hypertension and control high blood pressure.


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