With flavor- pairing kids like vegetables

Dousing cheese sauce and peanut butter on greens could teach kids to like vegetables, according to a recent study Reuters reported.A new study has found that pairing foods kids don't like with those that they do could make the difference between a child who eats his vegetables and one who leaves them on the plate.

Preschoolers introduced to Brussels sprouts alongside cream cheese to spread on the bitter vegetable more often said they liked the sprouts and ate more of them, even when later served plain.

In the new study, 29 preschoolers were interviewed on how they felt about 11 different vegetables.  Most of the youngsters had not ever tried cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.  The children were split into groups, and were fed cauliflower and Brussels sprouts for one week.  One group of children was served plain vegetables, while another group ate theirs with cream cheese, and yet another group was given their vegetables with sweetened cream cheese.

After the week long testing period, all of the children were served the same vegetables plain.  The children who were fed the vegetables with cream cheese, whether sweetened or unsweetened, liked the vegetables much more than the group who had eaten them plain for one week.  They didn’t stop there, the children who had eaten the vegetables with cream cheese for the week long period actually ate more of their vegetables when served plain than the children who ate them simply plain the entire time.

"Children develop food preferences at a young age, yet tend to be really picky at this age, so it's important to sustain healthy habits which will persist into adulthood,"  Wadhera, said. "It's our job as parents, as educators to get them to accept new foods at this time."

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