Salman Khan to invite SRK on Bigg Boss 7?

Actor Salman Khan is ready to take one more step towards becoming friends with Shah Rukh Khan. 

When a media person asked the actor at the Bigg Boss press conference if he would like to inviteShah Rukh Khan on the show, the actor promptly replied, "Why not? We met at the Iftar party and how long can all this go on? It has to end somewhere.''

According to certain sections of the media, Shah Rukh Khan is apparently still not comfortable talking about his meeting with Salman Khan at Baba Siddiqui's Iftar party and has ducked that question during most of his press conferences.

However, SRK opened up to the media and was quoted saying in IANS, "I will be very honest. Whether it's my relationships, friendships, personal aspects, I've never dignified it by talking about it in the public and I would like to keep it like this".

Salman on the other hand remarked on Shah Rukh Khan breaking all records at the box office and Ranbir Kapoor working hard and scoring hits at the box office.

Salman Khan, who will be hosting Bigg Boss 7 which starts from September 15, said that he had no role to play in the selection of inmates but the producers do take his opinion after the list is 

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