Kalimannu Movie Review

Blessy's latest directorial venture Kalimannu is the much hyped movie of the year 2013. The movie was in news mostly for controversial issues. Many people spoke against the screening of the movie. Surprisingly, the movie bagged a U/A certificate.

Meera (Shweta Menon) is a club dancer in Mumbai. She aspires to become an actress. She returns home in a cab after her performance at the club. Apparently, she becomes pregnant from her boyfriend Vivek. But he dumps her. Desperate Meera aborts her child and attempts suicide.

Meera tries to jump into the sea and commit suicide. But Shyam (Biju Menon), her taxi driver, saves her life. He pampers and asks her to consider it as a second phase in her life. But Meera was in no state of a comeback. She was very much regretful of what has happened to her. But Shyam inspires her and makes her ambitious.

Inspired by Shyam, Meera steps back from her decision on suicide and returns home. But unfortunately, the owner of the house expel her from the house, but Shyam accepts her and marries her. Meera reaches her ambition and becomes part of a movie.

Shyam and Meera were leading a happy married life, when suddenly a disaster strikes. Shyam met with an accident while returning back collecting the gown which Meera was to wear at her Premier of her movie. The rest forms the climax of the story.

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The movie has been given the apt title. Movie clearly and beautifully establishes the title. A socially responsible movie, handling all the atrocities against women from Delhi till the tribal village Attappadi in Kerala. Highlights the strong bondage between an expecting mother and her to-be-born baby.









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