Now you can follow Shah Rukh via sms

Shah Rukh Khan is going out of his way to spread cheer for his fans’. Or rather have them cheering for him. The actor’s enabled his fans to follow his tweets by sending a text message to 09015500555. The initiative is a collaboration between Twitter India and ZipDial. Trust SRK to be the first Indian celeb to allow his fans to dial and follow him on Twitter. And this feature is available to those even without a Twitter account.

What a way for the actor to cast his net, err… spell far and wide. And he has been in a very happy place since Chennai Express did exceedingly well at the box office. According to a source, Shah Rukh said, “I have always believed in the power of technology and use it in various ways to further my connection with my audience. In recent years, Twitter has been a magical place for me to engage with my fans. I hope all my fans in India will avail this new service to connect with me. I thank ZipDial and Twitter India for helping me inaugurate this innovation and help bring together my entire national audience who don't access Twitter. Very soon I hope to also expand this to multiple countries, languages and platforms.”

If it wasn’t SRK, we’d think it was a Bond villain striving for world domination. Shah Rukh’s no less than an unstoppable train now! The actor can be followed at @iamsrk for those interested. But that wouldn’t be necessary, with this new texting-vexting business.

So what are you waiting for, non-Twittery fans? Send him a message! The service is free for any phone or network operator.

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