List of Hospitals and Clinics in Pathanamthitta

Hospitals in Pathanamthitta

P.B.No.14,Pandalam, Pathanamthitta Dist


ring road,Kozhencherry PO, Pathanamthitta, pin-689645



Archana Hospital
ADDRESS : No.vii/465, Mm Junction, Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

C M Hospital
ADDRESS : Pathlam, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

CSI Hospital
ADDRESS : Punnakad, Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

General Hospital
ADDRESS : Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Gmm Hospital
ADDRESS : No.13/117, Mallapally Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689585

Government Hospital
ADDRESS : Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Marygiri Hospital
ADDRESS : Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

Menathottam Hospital
ADDRESS : Ranni, Angadi Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689674

Poyanil Hospital
ADDRESS : No.15, Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

Ananda Clinic
ADDRESS : Malakura, Aranmula Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689533

Anugraha Clinic
ADDRESS : No.7/517, Thalachira, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Bharath Clinic
ADDRESS : Koodal Po, Kalanjoor Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689694

Chaithanya Clinic
ADDRESS : No.6/660, Angamoozhy, Seethathode Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689667

Deepa Clinic
ADDRESS : Deepa Bhavan, Mallassery Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689646

Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Pazhavangadi Pop, Ranny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689672

Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Kunnukandathil Bldg, Kuttoor Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689106

General Clinic
ADDRESS : Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Gurudev Clinic
ADDRESS : Kalanjoor Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689694

Homeo Clinic
ADDRESS : Mannadisala Po, Kunnam Venchoochira Pathanamth, Pathanamthitta - 686511

Jay Clinic
ADDRESS : Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Koshys Clinic
ADDRESS : Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Kurudamannil Clinic
ADDRESS : Ranni Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689673

Lakshmi Clinic
ADDRESS : No.13/530, Nr Cm Hospital, Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Matha Clinic
ADDRESS : Vaikathillam House, Nedumpuram, Podiyadi Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689110

Maya Clinic
ADDRESS : Thannithode, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Nirmala Clinic
ADDRESS : Churulikode, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Pothenpurackal Clinic
ADDRESS : Pothenpurackal Clinic, Naranamoozhy Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689711

R R Clinic
ADDRESS : Mangaram, Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Sanjeevini Clinic
ADDRESS : Shopping Cmplx, Mallapally Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689585

Veternary Clinic
ADDRESS : Kadambanad South, Kadambanad South Pathanamthita, Pathanamthitta - 691553

Good Samaritan Hospital
ADDRESS : College Rd, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Jacob Memorial Hospital
ADDRESS : Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Medical Trust Hospital
ADDRESS : Pathalam, Kulanada Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689503

NSS Medical Hospital
ADDRESS : Pandalam, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Queen Marys Hospital
ADDRESS : Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

St Luke Hospital
ADDRESS : Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

St Thomas Hospital
ADDRESS : Malakkara, Edayaranmula, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

St Vincent Hospital
ADDRESS : Kadambanad South Pathanamthita, Pathanamthitta - 691553

Sunny Memorial Hospital
ADDRESS : Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

ACM Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Market Jctn, Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Boss Homeo Clinic
ADDRESS : NSS Ubnion Bldg, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Chalakattil Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Niranam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689621

Chithra Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Null Market, Mallapally Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689585

Cosmetic Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : No.8/277, Vadasserikara Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689662

Crosslead Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Mallapally Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689585

Dentocare Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Market Rd, Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

Devi Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Nr Ksrtc Depot, Mc Rd,Market Rd, Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Doctors Clinical Laboratory
ADDRESS : Illlirikkal Bldg, Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Easos Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Sree Krishna Bldg, Pazhvangadi Po, Ranni Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689673

G G Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Grace Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Pullad Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689548

Jayvees Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Kaottadiyil Bldg, Nr By Maraman, Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

Jj Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Valliparambil Bldg, Thekkemal Jctn, Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

Karthika Homeo Clinic
ADDRESS : Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Ksm Homeo Clinic
ADDRESS : Nr Market, Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Kulathoor Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Thellirethu Bldg, Abv Hyper Market, Masjid Jn, Bus Stand Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Mgm Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Mc Rd, Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Modern Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Modern Homeopathic Clinic
ADDRESS : Ayroor Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689611

Nanathu Beauty Clinic
ADDRESS : Kidangannur Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689514

Newstar Hairbeauty Clinic
ADDRESS : Perumpuzha Po, Ranni Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689673

Ninans Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Ushas Bldg, Makkal Jctn, Kulanada Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689503

Perangattu Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Melethil Bldg, Kudumon, Kodumon Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 691555

Perfect Clinical Lab
ADDRESS : No.1/134, Perumpuzha, Ranni Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689673

Prabha Clinical Laboratory
ADDRESS : No.12/527, Elamanoor Po, Elamannur Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 691524

Pratheeksha Clinical Labouratory
ADDRESS : Theodical, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Priyanka Beauty Clinic
ADDRESS : No.14/394, Ittyappara, Ranni Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689673

Rajesh Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Opp Police Station, Market Rd, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

SAI Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Kodruzhathil Bldg, Chittar Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689663

Saj Clinical Lab
ADDRESS : Elavanthitta Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689625

Sara Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : No.7/585, Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Shifa Ayurveda Clinic
ADDRESS : Kulanada Po, Kulanada Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689503

Shifa Ayurveda Clinic
ADDRESS : Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501

Shivamrutham Ayurveda Clinic
ADDRESS : Nr Mahadevar Temple, Enathu, Kadambanad South Pathanamthita, Pathanamthitta - 691553

Smile Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

St Marys Clinic
ADDRESS : No.8/128, Uthimoodu, Hospital Road Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Suraksha Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Podiyadi Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689110

Tharayakattu Skin Clinic
ADDRESS : Nr Govt Hospital, Tbjctn, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Thattamannil Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : No.13/313, Konny Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689691

Unni Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : No.2/22, Kulanada Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689503

Valakuzhy Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Central Jctn, Mallapally Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689585

Veterinary Poly Clinic
ADDRESS : Padi Clinic, Ranni Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689673

Vijayans Clinical Lab
ADDRESS : Enathu Po, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Abraham Mallappan Memorial Hospital
ADDRESS : Kumbanad Po, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Christian Medical Mission Hospital
ADDRESS : Pathalam, Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Co Opertive Group Hospital
ADDRESS : Pathalam, Kulanada Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689503

Kulanada Medical Trust Hospital
ADDRESS : Kulanada Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689503

Sanjivani Multi Specfiality Hospital
ADDRESS : Kollakadavu, Chengannur Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689121

Seyoon Medical Trust Hospital
ADDRESS : Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689645

Chakkuthara Clinic & Diagnostic Centre
ADDRESS : Pullad Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689548

Ck Opticals And Eye Clinic
ADDRESS : No.10/785, Church Jctn, Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

Grace Homeo Clinic & Opticals
ADDRESS : Pazhavangadi, Ranni Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689673

Mizpah Poly Dental Clinic
ADDRESS : Mc Rd, Enathu Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 691526

South Modern Homeopathic Clinic
ADDRESS : Ayroor Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689611

St Marys Homeo Clinic
ADDRESS : Sheeba Bhavan, Melukara, Kozhencherry Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689641

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center
ADDRESS : Main Road, Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta - 689641

St Gregorious Medical Mission Hospital
ADDRESS : Thiruvalla, Parumala Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689626

Josco Multi Speciality Hospital & Nursing College
ADDRESS : Josco Jctn, Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Pathanamthitta - 689501


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